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Mouse Wheel Scoll Doesn't Work In Firefox And Ie?


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Hi there,


I'm new to ME and for now (still haven't received my registration key :blink: ) I'm working with the trial version of the latest ME.


Love the program, my girlfriend has RSI and this is a real solution for her!

(although I have to configure the macros ;))


I'm having one problem though:


I can't get the mouse wheel scroll to work in Firefox (my default browser) and/or IE.

It works in other programs (Tag&rename and Newsleecher are no problem) but in FF and IE it's a no go.


Is this a bug or do I something wrong?

The mouse is a Logitech MX700 (cordless with the latest mousware)

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It worked for me.


At first it didn't look like it did, because I expected "Forward" to scroll down the page, and instead it scrolls up- so if I was already at the top of the page, nothing happened. Might this be the issue?


I just used a simple one-line macro, that invoked ten clicks on the mouse-wheel and did nothing else.

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I have a logitec optical mouse with a mousewheel, but if I understand correctly, that shouldn't make a difference to ME, since the signal isn't actually coming from the mouse (the scroll-wheel command, for example, should work even if your mouse doesn't have a scrollwheel. Agian, IIUC.)


Perhaps if you posted the source code, someone might be able to figure out why it isn't working?


Try using the test macro I used- just one line, "Mouse Wheel Forward", set to ten clicks, and a command-key invocation. Wether that one-line macro works or not should help narrow down the source of the problem. (Remember, this will cause it to scroll UP, so start at the botom of a page)

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I also have a logitech optical, but mine is cordless maybe that's the problem?


Small update: you're one line macro does actually work!


Next question is why doesn't it run in a macro which opens firefox first, starts up a website and then has to scroll....... :blink:


Small update 2: This is strange, with the following lines:

mouse move screen: xx,yy

mouse wheel 3 clicks backward


it does scroll, no problem at all!


but with the exta line:

Web site: http://whateverwebsiteIchoose

mouse move screen: xx,yy

mouse wheel 3 clicks backward


it doesn't work anymore!

:o how about that.........

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Linda I emailed insight with this problem and I got an email from Stan.


He said that a webpage has to be fully loaded before a scroll can work, so he advised to use a delay or wait command before the scroll command


I did and it worked! B)


Thank you for looking into this problem! really appreciated it! :)

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