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Minor Me Bug

Les Hazlett

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Macro Express is an impressive software package. After nearly a year and over a hundred working macros, I found my first ME Bug. I reported it to Insight. The bug is minor and easy to work around.




When using Date/Time Save with a "h:mm:ss" format, the proper hour, minute, and second are returned.


When you shorten the format to "mm:ss", the mm is interpreted as month and I get an 08 rather than the munute.


I am attaching a test macro that vividly displays this bug.


Les Hazlett


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Nice catch Les! And thanks for the info. I do not think, however, that Insight will consider this a bug. The help file says:

mm Displays the month as a number with a leading zero (01-12). If the mm specifier immediately follows an h or hh specifier, the minute rather than the month is displayed.

In other words, if I am reading it correctly, mm is always considered to be a month unless it is preceded by an hour hh or h.

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Thanks Floyd for pointing me to the documentation. I hadn't seen it and followed the notation in the drop down list. The drop down list shows MONTH to be M or MMMM and MINUTE to be mm. When I selected (h:mm:ss AM/PM) in the drop down list, and edited it to eliminate the fields that I didn't need, I ended up with (mm:ss). It seemed reasonable that this would work or that there should be someway to ask for minutes without asking for hours. Guess not.



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