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Two Questions (space Key Down, Macro Break)


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I actually asked the first question question over phone today but couldn't find the solution. I sent a feature request as well. But since I really need these macros ASAP, I'm asking in this forum, hoping that somebody might have figured out a way to make these macro.


1) Space key down. I'm trying to hold the space key down for certain amount of time (a few seconds). It cannot be a repetead stroke of space keys, it must be pressed down. If it's not possible with macro express only, does anyone know if it can be done in conjunction with another program?


2) Is there a way to momentarily stop a running macro? - either by typing a shortkey or some other user input. Also, is it possible to run another macro during such breaks? Also, is it possible to let the original macro (which is in break) come back automatically once the newly run macro ends? if this is not possible, is it possible to let the macro come back after a certain amount of time (i.e. three seconds).


Thank you!

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Welcome sjayzzang,


I believe Windows interprets holding down the space key as repeated keystrokes, so I do not know how you would prevent the repeated strokes from being sent to windows using any type of "Space Key Down". As far as I know, this is not possible. Keys such as "Shift" and "Alt" are meant to be held down to use other functions.


There are ways to pause macros using a "Pause" key. Go to "Options" on the tool bar, go to "Preferences", go to "Playback" and you can set a certain key to "Pause" the macro. I do not believe there is any way to run another macro while another is running or in "Pause" mode. I believe that a future version of ME will come with the compatibility of running macros at the same time, but I do not know if that will be compatible with pausing a macro (pressing the pause key, how would ME know which macro to pause?). Have you thought about putting in a "Macro Run" command where you want a second macro to run? If this needs to happen in a specific part of the coding, you can run a second macro in the middle of your main macro and that will wait until the second macro is completed running before going on with the rest of the coding. See the "Macro Run" command.

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thanks for your reply. I can sort of understand where you are going with the macro run command and I think I can get a good start from there and figure things out.


To clarify my first question about the space key down, I'm trying to use this function in a game where I need to press the space key down for certain amount of time. For example, the longer I press the key down, the larger the power I charge for the missile. I agree with you that Windows interprets holding down space key as repeated keystrokes. I also thought it would work vice versa (even in the game) - i.e. fast repeated stroke of space key in the game would be equivalent as holding down the space key. However, I can't get it to work for some reason. It seems like the game doesn't recognize the repeated key stroke as holding down the space key. Unfortunately, I don't know how the game checks if I'm pressing the space key down or not. But, given this much explanation&your knowledge of computer programming, do you think there's a way to solve this problem?

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Macro Express monitors the standard Windows keyboard and mouse hooks. Many games however, use DirectX which bypass the Windows hooks. If this is the case, a macro program will not work.


Even if this is not the problem, Macro Express is designed to "engage" a key on the upstroke only and not the downstroke, which means holding a key down will not be recognized.

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