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I have been trying to get a repeat loop set up that will first repeat 10 times the next time 12 times the next 14 etc... untill it reaches 50 then starts over at 10. I am sure its possible but cant seem to get it to work. Any suggestions on the direction I should be looking? I have played with the varibles alot and am stumped. Thanks in advance for any ideas or direction.

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You could use two repeat loops, one embedded within the other. Something like this should work:

Variable Set Integer %N1% to 10
Repeat Until %T1% = "DONE"
 Repeat Start (Repeat %N1% times)
   // Put your macro commands here
 Repeat End
 Variable Modify Integer: %N1% = %N1% + 2
 If Variable %N1% > 50
   Variable Set Integer %N1% to 10
 End If
Repeat End

The outer loop would repeat indefinitely. To stop the macro you should put this command somewhere inside the macro:

Variable Set String %T1% "DONE"

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