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I've attached "Filename Replacement".

You run it while in Explorer, from there it gets the folder

you want to replace filename in.

It then has multiple choice of replacement mode.


I use it all the time for large groups of digital pics to put a

more user friendly name on them.





I posted this in the "old" newsgroup, reposting here.


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Beacher -


It looks good. I like the menu that allows a person to replace all names without further prompting. Nice touch.


Here is a suggestion assuming that Alt+D at the beginning is meant for the Address field in Windows Explorer: wrap the macro in an If/End If structure which will return TRUE if the active window is Windows Explorer (even though it is scoped to a ":\" window).


This would make it more universal. It is possible to have a window title other than Windows Explorer with the ":\" sequence. Maybe even another one that would accept an Alt+D. Another option would be to scope it to the explorer.exe program rather than a window title. But even so, I would still wrap the code.

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There's a problem with active window is "Windows Explorer".

In my Windows Explorer the title is the path to the current directory and not "Windows Explorer".

That's why I used the ":\" referance.


Scoping it to the explorer.exe program is a very good idea

which I have implemented.

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