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End If Error Despite Syntax Being Ok?


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hi all,


am very new to ME so please forgive me if i'm missing something really obvious. i've got the following macro section which throws up an error about there being a missing end if statement when it executes, but i can't see anything wrong with it and no syntax errors are reported when i check. variable %N1% has been set immediately prior to this section.


any help greatly appreciated!



If Message: "Confirm Item Creation?"

Repeat Until %N1% = %N2%

Delay 2 Seconds

Get Control %C10% (View Holdings Record: TButton)

Mouse Single Left Click on Control %C10%

Delay 2 Seconds

Get Control %C13% (: TEdit)

Text Type:ON ORDER

Delay 4 Seconds

Get Control %C11% (Item Information: TButton)

Mouse Single Left Click on Control %C11%

Delay 2 Seconds

Variable Modify Integer: Inc (%N2%)

Repeat End

Text Box Display: Item Creation Complete!


Macro Stop

End If

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