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I am running a macro that takes all Word documents in a folder, and converts them to PDF. The macro should run continuously all day, every couple of minutes.


The macro seems to run for approx 2 hours, then ME crashes entirely, and the log file shows;


C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\MacExp.exe

12/27/2006 13:15:09
Windows 5.01.2600 Service Pack 1
Windows XP

Stack overflow


the last entries in the file are;




I am stumped. My guess for now is to clear all variables after the macro runs. There are 5 variables, some integer and some decimal.


Can anyone shed any other light on this one?


Thanks in advance!

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To have us determine the cause of the crash you would need to send the entire crash report to us. Macro Express offers to send us the crash report using the ISS Bug Reporter.


If Macro Express is crashing after prolonged use, you may have some success restarting Macro Express. The Restart Macro Express command can be placed inside a macro. You need to be careful where you put it because it will not wait for the macro to finish. Since you are trying to do something over and over again you may want to create a macro that runs when Macro Express starts to continue the repeating process.

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Thanks for the reply Kevin.


I will send the error logs to you guys.


I was taking a closer look at the macro log file yesterday, and using my amazing powers of logic and reason :P I think I realized my error with the macro.


At the end of the macro, if certain criteria are met, the macro calls the "Run Macro" command. These criteria were met over and over again, so the macro log file looked something like;


12/27/2006 9:41:53 Macro "Conversion" Started

12/27/2006 9:41:59 Macro "Conversion" Started

12/27/2006 9:42:05 Macro "Conversion" Started


..only repeated 700 times.


Once the criteria was not met;


12/27/2006 13:51:56 Macro "Conversion" Completed

12/27/2006 13:51:56 Macro "Conversion" Completed

12/27/2006 13:51:56 Macro "Conversion" Completed


But no where near 700 times. I think the computer simply ran out of useable memory.


We've changed the macro to run on a repeated loop WHILE certain criteria is met, instead of using an IF/ELSE statement.


So far it seems to be ok *crosses fingers* :)

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