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I'm trying to switch to an active window which has a title of 'John Smith - Inbox - Lotus Notes'. I want to use a partial title, but I can't get the Activate Window command to work with either 'Lotus' or 'Notes'. It works perfectly happily with 'John', 'Smith', or 'Inbox'. Is this because there are two hyphens in the window title? Is this a known problem? I really need a way to switch based on the 'Lotus Notes' portion of the title because this is the only bit which is fixed.


Thanks in advance,


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If there is another window with 'Lotus' or 'Notes' in the name, then it may get focus when the Activate Window command runs instead of the intended window. I have written macros that, to my chagrin, didn't work because I used part of the Window name in my macro name. For example, I created a macro titled 'Launch Calculator'. It didn't work be cause the Activate or Launch: "Calculator" command found the macro and set focus to it.


Another thing to watch out for are hidden or invisible windows that contain the part of the name that you are trying to activate. Click on the elipse button [...] in the Activate or Launch Window command dialog to view the list of windows. Check both the list of visible windows and the list of hidden windows for any that contain 'Lotus' or 'Notes'.



Kevin Heaton

Insight Software Solutions, Inc.

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