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Firefox And Ie-macros


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The German Federal Board for Internet Security BSI urges users to switch from IE to Firefox.

Used to IE, Mozillas Firefox seems rather slow and causes a lot of problems for my browser ME macros:


Let's just take a small example:

To improve the readability of my postings, I often use the formula


which I used to paste thru Celtics Thundertools Quickpaste

and manually entered URL & Text=description/name like this

[ url=http://www.mediocom1.de/macex.html] ME = MacroExpress[/url]

which - if you leave out the space before "url" will appear as

ME = MacroExpress


To save time, after marking the Hyperlink on the source website, my ME macro Ctrl+Y Name and Link

will automatically be transferred into a (standard) forum to the cursor position

if I push RESUME in a ME textbox.




Wheras Internet Explorer copies a link (after a rightmouseclick) on position 7, Firefox has this command on position 6.

I haven't found a more elegant way to solve this than asking "if window not 'Firefox', than Arrowdown".


Anyone here fighting with such differences of IE & Firefox in this forum ?


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Anyone here fighting with such differences of IE & Firefox in this forum ?


Yes. Basically it's another program and cannot be treated the same as IE. You would not expect IE macros to work with Netscape. What will make matters worse with Firefox is that it is highly customizable so every plugin may change the menu/command structure.


As an example I have found with Firefox that it is very slow with some commands. The "save picture as" context item is in a different position on the menu (of course) and the slowness has made me add a 2 sec time delay in my macro (not necessary in IE).

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