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Using A Command-line Program In Me


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Is it possible to use a Winzip (or Winrar) command line version to create zip files?

I.e. I have several folders and I want to create zip files from each directory. 10 folders resulting in 10 zip files.

The name of the zip file is the name of the directory where the files resist. The location of the zip should be in the same directory as the zipped files.


In general, external Dos commands applied on windows folders.

There are context menu's in windows which will do fine for 1 directory, but not for many directories.


Can this be done?


Thanks, Burt

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Thanks for your quick reply.


I know this function. But I don't understand how I can apply a command to files in a folder folder.

Must I use a variable as a parameter in the Launch and activate function?


And how do I create such a variable from i.e. *.txt files in a folder which is selected in Windows Explorer?


Bye, Burt

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