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Variable Set String To Accept Single Char

G Aksland

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The followinig macro allow me to switch from the existing app to ClipMate and navagate up 'u'and down 'n' till I reach the desired clip then enter 'd' to leave loop and return to the original app and paste clip. The way the Var Set String xx from Prompt works it expect the user to indicate when the string entry is complete. Is there a way for ME to only wait for one keystroke and move on through the loop w/o having to press 'enter' after the string entry? This would allow me to navagate the clipboard selections w/o taking my hands from the keyboard to press the up arrow and down arrow keys as I have to do now. Being able to enter a Variable Set String from only one keystroke would open up many handy scenerios for quick computer control, and navagation while keeping ones hands on the keyboard, adding to the usefulness of ME in many control scnerios.


Variable Set String %T2% from Window Title

Delay 800 Milliseconds

Activate Window: "ClipMate Explorer [inBox]"

Delay 800 Milliseconds

Repeat Until %T1% = "d"

Variable Set String %T1% from Prompt

\\ If this would have a state where it would only accept 1 key stroke and move on w/o waiting for user to select OK, it would greatly inhance the flexability of ME. This macro is not practical due to having to press enter after each control character. But being able to only enter one char and process would be lightning fast and useful.y


If Variable %T1% = "u"

Text Type: <ARROW UP>


If Variable %T1% = "n"

Text Type: <ARROW DOWN>


End If

End If

Repeat End

Activate Window: "%T2%"

Delay 800 Milliseconds

Clipboard Paste

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I came up with a scenario that may work for you. :huh: I split your one macro into four, one Global to grab the title of the destination window, and three Program Specific (ClipMate) macros to work only with ClipMate: one to up arrow, one to go down, and one to paste on destination window. See attached mex.


The last three macros require that you change the Scope-Program Specific from Notepad to ClipMate Explorer, which I don't have.


You may also want to change the HotKeys to a preference. Note: You'll be limited to those in the HotKey list. I chose the following because it's all one handed:

HotKey: F4

Name: ClipMate-Down


HotKey: F1

Name: ClipMate-Up


HotKey: ESC

Name: ClipMate-PasteT2


Hope it works for you. :D




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