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I am planning to write about 40 macros. All have need to "USE" the same password. However that password changes 3-4 times a month.


1] is it possible to write a macro that will change the passord in the other macros?


2] is it possible to create a link to a file or a file name where the password can be stored?

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This is what I do.


I've written a macro (called, say, Pwd) which simply places the current password in a variable, e,g, T99. This macro is password-protected so that no-one else can edit or view its contents. Any macro that needs to use this password simply runs macro Pwd and uses the contents of T99.


When my password changes, I have to edit only one macro.


And yes, it would be possible to write a separate macro that prompts for a new password and recreates Pwd.

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