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  1. Unfortunately, turning this setting ON has made no difference. I have just experienced the problem again. I did something different this time - I simply opened and closed an AutoIt editing window - which fixed the problem. This suggests to me a system wide problem with my OS, and almost certainly nothing to do with ME.
  2. Great sugggestion! Yes, it was off (if its default is ON, then I have no idea how it got turned off since I've not been anywhere near that page of settings since the initial installation). Time will tell whether setting this ON has solved the problem, but I suspect you've found the solution. Many thanks.
  3. No, it's definitely not that behaviour. I've tried waiting 2 minutes, to no avail. And ME is not idle for a long time - often no longer than several minutes. But I thank you for your suggestions.
  4. I have just started to observe some strange behaviour, where hotkeys often don't work until I click on the ME icon in my tray. For example, I place my Windows 7 computer in Standby by pressing Ctrl-Shift-2. I've done this for years. But sometimes nothing happens - the macro is not being activated. Once I click on the ME tray icon, all is well again. This doesn't happen all the time. Any ideas?
  5. Just FYI! https://www.howtogeek.com/335712/update-why-you-shouldnt-use-waterfox-pale-moon-or-basilisk/
  6. HKCU\Software\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express 4\Toolbars\Editor
  7. I've never seen the Capture Console Output option before - is it a recent development? You're right, if this option is selected then ME does indeed wait for the program to complete.
  8. No, the macro continues on immediately without waiting for Robocopy to complete (as it does when running any .exe from within MEP).
  9. This is how I wait until Robocopy has finished running: Repeat Until %n[1]% Does not Equal "%n[1]%" If Not Program "ROBOCOPY.EXE" is running Repeat Exit End If Delay: 30 seconds, without ability to halt End Repeat
  10. Take a look at True Launch Bar. http://www.truelaunchbar.com/?utm_source=properties&utm_medium=about&utm_campaign=truelaunchbar
  11. None of these references should be relevant to your problem - I've just checked them all. The If test you found is used to determine whether the user is me, in which case I do, or do not, invoke certain logic. It should not be causing your problem. In order to prove this, I wrote a simple macro to see if T:\myfilename exists (I don't have a drive T:). The macro worked correctly and did not complain about no disk in a drive. I'm running Windows 7 x64 Home Premium.
  12. This forum was "visited" by some alien who posted a lengthy email containing various rants - nothing to do with MEP. Perhaps this email has been removed from all the places it was posted to?
  13. You know, I'd far, far rather Insight fixed all the outstanding MEP bugs before they start to add new functionality! I still experience screen display problems, freezes, running men when they should be stationary, extreme slowness in many operations, etc., etc. And I would really like the Run Macro In Variable command to work properly, i.e. with user-defined variable names. Recently I'm not receiving acknowledgements of new bug reports, nor of bugs fixed. Anyone else experiencing this?
  14. MEP has, as far as I know, no Regex capabilities. So whatever solution you adopt has to be done via an external piece of software. AutoIt provides 2 regex built-in commands, StringRegExp and StringRegExpReplace. See RegEx in AutoIt for more details. In any case, you'll have to write the logic yourself.
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