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Error When Running Macro Via Task Scheduler


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For some reason if I try to launch macro express like so:


"C:\Program Files\Macro Express\macexp.exe" /AMain_Loop


Macro Express will start up and begin the macro, but will stop after a few steps saying


FATAL ERROR:Windows is low on timers. (or something to that effect; definitely a macro express dialog box)




if task scheduler launches a .vbs script that starts macexp then activates the macro with CTRL+A everything works fine.


This tells me something in how the macro is activated is causing some obscure error...


Anyone have any ideas?

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I have scripts that are scheduled to run unattended every day (scripts to reboot the machine in various modes, scripts to extract changed data from a large database and sftp that data to an external site, scripts to read returning data and apply changes to the

same database, etc.). All run without the kind of problem you are describing.


I can only assume there may be something wrong with your macro, either within the code itself or perhaps because ME is also trying to schedule this script, or perhaps you may have misconfigured the running of the script by Windows Scheduler.

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