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The "move mouse to tray icon" command works well, no matter where the icon is positioned; however, because the location of a particular icon may vary in the tray, this can cause some problems with the resultant pop-up when one right clicks. The pop-up from the tray icon may be offset to either the right or left above the icon.


1) I first get the mouse position where the icon is and use that as a reference point to tell the mouse where to move for the selection on the menu. In my case, it's about -100, -100 from the original icon.


Because the pop-up can be offset to the right or the left, there are times when using the "move mouse position" will not work as the coordinates will be off. The -100,-100 is fine if the menu pops up on the left; however, if the menu is on the right, the coordinates should be +100,-100.


2) Without a macro, if I right click on a tray icon, I can use the down/up arrows to go to the menu selection and then click on it. I can also use an alphabet character to cycle through the menu items; however, when I try to enter these keys into a text box and have them played when the menu pops up, nothing happens.


How can I allow for a periodic shift in the pop-up from a tray icon and get a consistent result for making a menu selection?

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You probably need to add a small amount of delay after the mouse click. This worked for me on a variety of programs:


Move Mouse to Tray Icon: "Volume"
Mouse Right Button Click
Delay 0.1 Seconds
Text Type: a

You may need to adjust the amount of delay depending on your system. During my testing, one of the programs required a delay of 0.75 seconds.



This technique will not work on the Macro Express icon in the system tray. When a macro is running the icon is changed to a running man and clicking on the icon causes the macro to be aborted.


Nor will this technique will work on a Macro Express popup menu macro in the system tray. Macro Express 3 only runs one macro at a time. If a macro is running, you cannot launch a popup menu macro.

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