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I have a question. I tried to capture a button using the "Get Control" command. However the control command does not zoom in on the button itself rather it captures the whole toolbar instead.


I tried my hand at "Get Pixel Color" and obviously tried to capture the pixel color using specific coordinates relative to screen and get the mouse to move there. The mouse went into a completely different direction than what I had as to the coordinates in "X,Y".


I tried to read the old forum info on this but it only got me more confused.


This should be real easy, but I think I am missing something. All I want to do is have the mouse button get me to a database button on a toolbar on top of the screen underneath the Window Title Bar. It's a little piece of real estate on the screen I need to capture the pixel color and get the mouse to move to. I want it to go there only if a certain program is running(which is the easy part).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Here's a bit of code I use to click on the second tab of a tab bar.

// Click tab 2 (120,10).

Mouse Single Left Click on Control %C93%

<REM2:Click tab 2 (120,10).><CCLICK:T:93:0:F:000120,000010><

The second tab is roughly 120 pixels from the far LEFT (X coordinate) and I chose 10 pixels down (Y coordinate) from the top of the tab control to "hit" the middle of the tab." Be sure to check Relative to Control in the Movement section of command Mouse Move.

Hope it helps. :)


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