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Best Solution To Detect Download Is Finished.


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I am working in a loop downloading one file after the other, but am not sure of the best way to detect the completion of the download so the next one can start.


I go thru all the motions of waiting for the File Download window, then do alt s , and alt s then download begins and a box is showing with a window named same as file name being downloaded...

Then in last 20 seconds a small window by the name of Copying... pops up.

Is there a way to wait for the window named 'Copying..." to close, that would be a good clue that the download is done...


I see the commands to wait for a window with a specific name, but is there a way to wait for the window named "Copying to close.... like "not" window...


Like wait for window "Copying..." to appear and as soon as it does, go to the next step and some how wait for 'Copying... window "NOT" please help... with this.


Or is there something better to monitor so I can restart the next download process... with my loop.




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Two ideas:

Variable Set String %T1% ""
Repeat Until %T1% = "DONE"
 If Not Window Title "Copying ..." running
   Variable Set String %T1% "DONE"
   Wait Time Delay 0.5 Seconds
 End If
Repeat End

If you know the name of the file(s) you are downloading you can use another option that doesn't rely on the user interface:

Wait for File Exist: "file1.exe"
Wait for File Ready: "file1.exe"

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