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Due to internal network security changes I can no longer simply use the ftp connect commands to copy files across two different networks. I am now required to use a proxy server in addition to the ftp connect commands. The ftp connect commands doesnt appear to have this option.


Is there a simple way around this but still using the ME ftp commands? not sure on the ftp site commands?


I suppose I could use ME with an ftp style program but though it easy to keep contained within ME.



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I looked over the settings for an FTP client that I use. There are no settings specific for use in a proxy server. I have used this FTP client for many years and on a variety of different networks. Two of the networks used a proxy.


If I recall correctly, on one network I had to change the port from 21 to something else (the proxy server documentation helped). On the other network, I had to configure it to allow port 21 through.


A quick search on the web turned up this:

8020 - FTP Proxy Service Data Port (FTP through proxy/firewall)

8021 - Connection blocked FTP Proxy Service Control Port (FTP through proxy/firewall)


* Ports 8020, 8021 are not officially registered, but are sometimes used with proxy servers and/or firewalls.

The 'FTP Site Connect' command allows you to enter something different from the default port 21. The documentation for your proxy server should be able to tell you which port to use.

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