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My question is , how do you create a macro to work in terminal server ?

her is my situation : I work with a help desk, on my desktop i have a terminal server icon , i click and it logs me in to term server, i click on application and have to put in login id and password to be able to reset someones password . i have to keep logging in to these apps and login to them numoruos times a day. i can make the basic macros to run in programs on my desktop. i need to know how to make a macro run in the terminal server. example : i have terminal server up, i want to be able to open an application ( icon) on my term server desktop, and have it put in my login id and password.

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You can run Macro Express in a Windows Terminal Services environment but there are a few things to consider. For example, if Macro Express is running on your workstation and you are trying to write a macro that automates things in a Windows Terminal Services session, the If Window commands do not work. The reason for this is that the window that Macro Express can see is the WTS window. The copy of Windows running on your computer only sees the WTS window, not the individual windows inside it. Consequently, Macro Express running on your local computer will only see the WTS window.


The Macro Express Knowledgebase contains more information about this and other limitations. Look at these articles:


Using Macro Express with Citrix or Windows Terminal Server

When connected to a terminal server using...

Optimizing Macro Express CPU Utilization

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