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Sorry, not sure where to put this-


This has to do with the Macro Run script. Sometimes the process of making life easier using Macro Express can get complex itself! Troubleshooting macros that have several large external links which necessiate closing one macro, hunting down the other (which might be in a different category) and then repeating the process to go back to the original one. When there's only one undo and no history, sometimes this process can cause problems.


The interface feature for ME I would like to see is the ability to open and edit macros linked via Macro Run from within the script they are linked to.


It could just be an expand/collapse function or double-clicking opens them in a new window, or even view them in context with the rest of the macro you are working on.


Just add that to my other feature request, which is have ME identify linked macros by something other than their dynamic name because if the name of the linked macro is changed, you need to hunt down all instances of linked files and update the Macro Run command manually.



That is all.



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