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  1. I tried searching for "Mouse Move" but can't find a thing, so sorry if this is an oft-requested issue. I am trying to move my cursor from one end of screen to another, on the same X-Axis. However, I can't understand the logic behind this function. I set X and Y integer variables from mouse position. Then I add a number to X axis integer with modify integer, then supply both results into the X and Y fields of Mouse Move. However, the result varies depending on where the mouse is, ie-further away from top left screen, further the mouse moves. I even tried feeding the mouse move
  2. <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%MyGoal%" Value="4"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x01" Destination="%MyGoal%" Mask="FALSE" OnTop="FALSE" Left="Center" Top="Center" Monitor="0"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="Target" Value="1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8"/> <SPLIT STRING Source="%Target%" SplitChar="," Dest="%TVar%" Index="1"/> <GET ARRAY LENGTH Array="%TVar%" Dest="%TVarL%"/> <REPEAT START Start="1" Step="1" Count="%TVarL%" Save="TRUE" Variable="%CNT%"/> <IF VARIABLE Variable="%TVar[%CNT%]%" Condition="\x00" Value="%MyGoal%" Ign
  3. Hi, Kevin, looking at it now, thanks! :-) In the meantime, I just can't understand why this isn't a simple thing... I've seen things far more complex made straightforward by MEP!
  4. Sorry if this has been covered, I searched to the extent of my patience and can't seem to find a simple, straightforward solution. I need to set a date time variable from a 'YYYYMMDD' text string in order to increment the days and then convert back to a text string. Thanks in advance for gracing me with your expertise!
  5. Solution needed- two monitors, ME only changes resolution on one. How to make it change resolution of the other? Background: SO I have two monitors, main one is set up with a KVM switch and the other is plugged into a second computer. The main display is a 1280x1024 res and is the one attached to the switch. The second res is a 1440x900. I switch back and forth between two computers to work on tasks. One of these tasks has a window that cannot dynamically redraw based on monitor resolution, so parts of the interface are out of viewable range. I want to be able to temporarily cha
  6. Certainly not the Law of Benevolent Programming Automation. ;-) The indictment is fairly specific: FTA: "Lowson pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and computer fraud. His lawyer, Mark Rush, said Wiseguy Tickets simply devised an ingenious way to buy tickets for brokers, who resold them to fans. But authorities say Lowson and his three co-defendants committed fraud by using 100,000 internet protocol addresses, a variety of company names, hundreds of e-mails and a web of credit card numbers to hide the fact that all the tickets were being bought by a single c
  7. I read about that a few days ago, the defense lawyer had a few choice metaphors and analogies to describe his clients: 1- "All my client is guilty of is building a better mousetrap" 2- "This is no different than the days of having all your friends camp overnight to buy the tickets". Not justifying it though, but I wonder how this case will end.
  8. I run a lot of macros consequently and the individual macros dynamically select which macro to run next based on data they collect. It helps me to know which one is running so I do the following: At the beginning of all my macros, I have entered the following: <VARIABLE SET FROM MISC Destination="%CurrentMacro%" Value="Name of Current Macro"/> My method usually has an updating dialog box tracking what is running which usually updates right after the above Variable gets set, but it might update at various keypoints within the macro. Expanding on that, I suppose you could
  9. Oddly enough, a restart fixed the boolean issue. Yes, "the problem mysteriously disappeared" is an algorithm I am somewhat familiar with! I had this issue in a much larger set of macros (read:huge) and there were so many things to troubleshoot I spent most of the day on it before deciding to do the two-small macros test approach from my second post. Without fail, the last dialog box would return FALSE, exactly what it was doing in the large macro. So a restart apparently has this working now, resulting in TRUE.
  10. Looking at this more, it seems that my Boolean variable is not surviving a "Save all variables" in one macro and "restore all variables" in another. Example: at the end of a Macro named start, I set a Boolean named %ZZZZ% to TRUE, then "Macro Run" to macro2, which happens to start with "restore all variables". In macro2 %ZZZZ% has actually FLIPPED from True to False with no variable modification logic present. The two macros in separate boxes below demonstrate this <VARIABLE SET BOOL Destination="%ZZZZ%" Command="263" Value="TRUE"/> <TEXT BOX DISPLAY Title="Start Macr
  11. I have been getting these errors for undefined variable or variable of the wrong type. They are either boolean or control vars. In one case, I had named a control variable "%control2%" and MEP would never let the macro go past that line without letting me know it was either undefined or the wrong type. I checked in the variable editor to make sure it was a control variable and it was. I changed the name to "%C[2]%" and it worked just fine after that. Now I am starting to have the same issue with some named boolean variables. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks!
  12. Since this is a general version update topic, I thought I would ask for help locating something mentioned in the release notes: "Renamed the 'Wait [ ] milliseconds between clipboard commands' option to reflect the change in how clipboard commands now work." Where does one find this in MEP? Thanks, rock solid so far!
  13. ?? Now this is confusing... I could have sworn for a variable value created in one macro to be available to another, it needed to be saved by one (by whatever your favorite means) and loaded by macros used later. As far as I know, ME variables do not stick around once a macro stops without saving them. Or perhaps you are talking about something else?
  14. Oh relax! For the most part the fine people at Insight have done this very well, I have had no issues at all with the conversion itself of the legacy files. The issues I did have were with macro timing, not variables. There was also the speed of loading the saved variables, which appears to have addressed well. And then there is the new issue of the crash when restoring vars that have not previously been saved. But an easy workaround fixes that for me. All in all, this has worked very well considering the huge amount of Macros I was able to simply convert and run i
  15. Bob, I was kidding... Like I could be considered advanced. There are actually two advanced: Advanced SNAFU fixer Advanced SNAFU creator I generally fit in the bottom one. Eventually, I will be an Expert Snafu creator, and then who knows, perhaps I will be stupid enough to become a Master. Where is your god now? ;-)
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