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I have started to include at the top of my macro scripts, a display box callup that contains all the variables used in the current macro.


I have it off by default, but when things go wrong, I just open the macro, make a copy of the display callup and then paste it into the code where I would like to see what is happening in memory. When done, I delete the copy.


:ph34r:I was also thinking of... making a repeat argument that would poll all 297 variables and list any that have contents in a display box, beside the variable ID (ie- T50=555-5555). I know that you can get this information from the debug window in ME, but I feel that is too many steps and the different types of vars are not all on the same page.


I have an Excel spreadsheet that keeps track of what all the variable functions are and it would probably be a snap to run a text processing argument to add labels from this file to the results of the first repeat argument so that the data collected and displayed is clearly identified by what it represents. (I have a lot of %NX% vars that are either 1 or 0 to represent "states")


This repeat argument would probably be accessed via a Macro Run command and also be saved at the top of macros and turned off by default, so it takes up only one line in my script.



Anyway, feel free to add to this thought... We're all a bunch of optimizing control freaks here... you know who you are :-)

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