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  • 5 years later...

The problem: high CPU usage when running timed based macros.

Applies to: both v.3 and v.4

The fix: change the Delay Type (under Set Delay) from the default [Delay in Seconds] to [Timed Delay in Seconds]


This issue plagued me for years. I recreated most of my macros in AutoHotkey since it could run the same processes without dragging down the computer. Problem is AutoHotkey lacks the ease of use that is MacroExpress. The fix is to change the Delay Type from the default [Delay in Seconds] to [Timed Delay in Seconds]. Don't know why it makes a difference but a macro that pegged all cores on my 32GB 3.5GHz i7 at over 90% usage will show no CPU usage with the switch.


I stumbled across this fix a loooong time ago but being the ass that I am I never shared the info. And, since I haven't see this fix posted elsewhere I'm going to spam it anywhere I see peeps asking about CPU overload.


Better late than never...


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