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Upgraded to MacroExpress 3


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I just upgraded to MacroExpress 3 but forgot to ask if my macros would be saved.


Now, I see that MacroExpress 3 overwrote my previous version and did not save my macros.


Is there a way within MacroExpress 3 to get my macros back?


And, I understand there is a problem running this under Vista 64 bit.


Has anyone tried this ?


Thanks for your help.

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Macro Express 3 should have installed into a Macro Express 3 folder, which is different from the Macro Express 2000 location - unless you specifically instructed the program to install over top of the older version. In any case it should not have deleted your old macro file.


Open Macro Express 3 and click on File | Open Macro File. Navigate to c:\Program Files\Macro Express - the default install location for Macro Express 2000. Look for any .mex files in this folder. If found, select the file and you will be prompted to convert the file to the newer file format. Once converted it cannot be changed back to the older format and read back into Macro Express v2. You can make a backup copy of the file if you want before converting.


If the folder does not exist, then do a search on the computer for *.mex to find any macro files on the computer. When found, load in the file.


The only problem we have encountered with the 64bit version of Windows, is recognizing 64 bit application window titles. Macro commands that use a window title, such as Wait for Window, Window Activate, etc. will not work with 64 bit application windows. If the application is a 32 bit program, then Macro Express will work correctly.

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