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Using Pixel Color Change As A Delay


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Could someone please tell me how to use pixel color change as a delay device?

I think what I need is to monitor a pixel color and not move forward in the macro until the pixel color changes.


I found the pixel locator option but can't figure out what command to use. All I can think of is some kind of IF THEN loop monitoring the pixel color but really not sure how to do it. I'm definitely not a programmer.


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Hello HeyJim!


This example assumes that you already know the pixel is white at screen cooridinates 100,100. It will loop forever with a 10ms delay until the pixel is no longer white. The reason for the delay is to allow your CPU to take up other tasks. Although technically the delay is not required because Macro Express handles CPU cycles internally.

Repeat Until %N1% <> 16777215

  Get Pixel: Screen Coords: 100,100 into %N1%

  Delay 10 Milliseconds

Repeat End

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