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Run Macro in Variable - puzzle


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This stems from the thread 'Assigning New Variables on Each Loop'. Steve's post there prompted me to try a command I haven't used before: Run Macro in Variable. But I consistently get behaviour I don't understand, namely the insertion of an extra '>' character at the end of my variable when it gets run. Here's a simple example.


Activate Window: "Notepad"
Variable Set String %T1% "<TEXTTYPE:Example of text>"
Run Macro in Variable %T1%
Macro Return


<ACTIVATE2:Notepad><TVAR2:01:01:<TEXTTYPE:Example of text>><RUNMACVAR:1><MRETURN>


That should type into Notepad the string Example of text


But I get Example of text>


If I remove the right hand > from the variable then the result is OK.


Adding delays, changing the variable etc, none made any difference.


Can anyone reproduce this please? If not, I have to assume it's some sort of conflict unique to my setup.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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