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How To Work With Dialog Boxes?


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I have a macro that I am trying to create that will navigate a web site to retrieve information in the form of a file download (excel file). I have managed to get it to work well up to the point where I have to save a file into a specific folder. The macro does fine in bringing up the "File Download" dialog box with a default filename in a default location that was determined by the previous download within Internet Explorer. However, I can't seem to figure out how to:


1) change the default name to something else more meaningful (ie, with todays date or some identifying numerical sequence appended, etc.), and


2) select a specific folder where the file is saved, regardless of what the current default file save location happens to be when the macro is run.


any ideas?



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Hi, SGinn,




I am not sure which Macro Express command you are using to download - do you mean "FTP Get File"?


My first thoughts would be;


1. you could accept the default save , then copy to a folder and file name you name in "File Copy" (first use Variable set eg %T1% from Current date/ time (Text,/Date command) to add it to your file name)


[if you need part of the default name to be retrieved, use Variable set from file (in file commands) %T2% fromFile as part of filename]


2. Do the same in the Get file command itself?


Best, Randall


PS you could also prompt fora filename and folder at runtime if you wanted, but I presume that is not what you are asking?)

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Welcome to the group!


You can use the Text Type command to enter a fullpath file name if you are referring to a web page download dialog box. Let's say for example that the default folder (Save In field) appears as "Excel" and the default file name (Save As field) appears as "spreadsheet1.xls" because of your last download. You, however, want to save it to your "Download" folder using the file name "2005.03.15.xls". Simply Text Type "c:\download\2005.03.15.xls" into the Save As field.

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