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Error occurred when upgraded to XP from NT.


When opening an excel file that has links to a second file, a window pops up asking "The workbook you opened contains automatic links........do you want to update links. Yes/No". I used to simply mouse move and left click. No longer works. Tried mouse move and text type enter, mouse move and text type Y. Physically using my keyboard or mouse works, but using software code does not? Seems as though this generic "Microsoft Excel" window takes over and locks all commands? I tried flipping out of Excel to Word and then back, hopng it may trigger some sort of activation, but excel would still sit there waiting for input "Yes/No".


Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I have found in Word 2000 on that i need <Alt>y for this quite often, but I have not conquered it in a reproducible way.


this works in word when it wants to open an Excel Link; I am not sure in Excel? (re-program window Name and Control.....?)

And ? overkill; hey, it works!

Get Control %C1% (Microsoft Office Word: Button)

Wait For Window Title: "Microsoft Office Word"


Wait for Control %C1% to become enabled


Set Focus to %C1%

Text Type: <ALT>y

<GETCONTROL:01:WINWORD.EXE:002:#32770Microsoft Office WordButton&Yes><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Microsoft Office Word><OR><WAITCONTROL:000010:000000:01:03><SETFOCUS:01><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>y>

Not very logical;

Let me know if you win!


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Maybe someone else knows! - Can you tell if the "Control Details" are different if you capture them on the different prompts? - if, so, ME is waiting for the control, so the Window title might not matter; if the converse, ? still a problem?


Is it only working now because you use "ALT-y" anyway, rather than anything to do with the capture?

Best, Randall

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