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Menu sizing problems

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When you display a pop-up or floating menu, ME Pro neatly sizes it to exactly fit the number of macros it displays. But a snag is that for longish names the default column is not wide enough. Yet when that is manually dragged wider, an unnecessary vertical scroll bar appears and the bottom macro disappears.


Apart from fixing that minor quirk, would it be possible to make the whole window resizeable in standard fashion? At present, you can resize it but none of the extra space is usable (either horizontally or vertically). Alternatively, optionally eliminate the Scope column, or at least abbreviate its contents, to allow more space. While on this point, I've personally never found it of much practical use in its present form. I'd like to see it show what program it's scoped to (or 'Multiple'), not just that it is scoped.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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