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I have a web interface which has 4 text entry boxes.

I need to enter text in one on a shcedule, without affecting me tyoing into the others at the same time.

Can this be done?

The nearest I've got is it works, but it interferes with what I am typing at the time of the scheduled run.

Can anyone help?

Essentially: No, this cannot be done.


The way Macro Express works is it does whatever you would normally do manually, it just does it faster and possibly when you are not there. So in order for ME to type something in a specific box, it needs to take focus away from the other boxes and it will take-over the keyboard (sort of) until it is done doing its thing.


There are options for when you don't want it to mess you up. You can have a text box pop up and remain on top until the macro is done, that text box can say something like "Hold on... running scheduled macro" or whatever. Give yourself a 2-3 second delay to stop typing your thing, then the macro types its thing.


Another option is to upgrade to ME Pro which has the ability to lock the keyboard so you aren't able to keep typing while the macro runs.


Anybody else have any suggestions for Boris?

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