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:lol: is there a way to get macro express to click on certain colors?

i tried the pixel color thing but i cant get it to work.

if u guys know the solution can u please post a sample of it here or tell me how to get macro express to recognize colors.

Thnx for ur time.

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When you say "this macro", did you intend to post a sample or something? Not sure I can help w/ out that.


But I can offer a caveat. I have a dual monitor setup and, while trying to get my macro to recognize a certain shade of gray, I found it ran ok on one monitor but not the other.


Turns out I had 24-bit color on one and 16-bit color on the other. Two different color palettes meant that what looked like the exact same gray was actually different. Even when I attempted to copy parts of an image to the second monitor, if the gray was not in the palette of the lower bit-depth monitor, it had to choose a close approximation, but obviously with a slightly different hex value. So testing for color equality didn't work.


So be careful out there. :)

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