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I'm new to this, so if you can bear with me. I have been using ME since last year, and found it very good. I have made macros that have been running quite well for a time. Now, there is a problem, and I hope you all can see something I don't.


I run a macro everyday to update a list for us to use. It is 4 macros, run in 5 minute intervals, starting at 6:45 am. It has not been working this past weekend, also a Popup box has been opening asking for a password.


Now, I have no macros asking ofr a password, and it is for a macro I have never seen (I'ko okuu) or somethng like that.


My qustions is: Has anyone seen something like this, or knows of a exploitable problem in Macro Express? I am runnig or virus scanner to be safe,and I will go from there, but I was wondering if any of you has seen a problem similar to this.


Thank You in advance,


Joe R.

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Hi Joe,


Do any of the other macros work? We have recently had some reports of the macro file becoming corrupted. What we have heard is that all of the macros get corrupted and some request passwords where no password has been previously assigned.


We recommend that you turn on the backup option found in Options, Preferences, Backups.

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