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CAPS Lock OFF -- Intermittent Failure


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I have macros that type data into several Internet Explorer forms (IE6). Each macro turns on caps lock before it exits, because the users want it on for their own typing. Each macro, before it begins typing, turns off caps lock and does a shift-key-down followed by shift-key-up. Keyboard delay is 20ms. ME preferences relative to caps lock are disabled (not selected). "Wait for web page" is done prior to the caps lock off.


The problem: On one of the forms, turning off caps lock intermittently fails. Because the text to be typed is already upper case, having caps lock still on causes the text to be typed in lower case.


Suggestions, anyone?

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It may be that the Shift key is stuck down. Maybe a slight delay between the Shift Down and Shift Up would resolve this.


From what you describe it sounds like you would be better off just turning on the two Caps Lock options in the Preferences. This will take care of the situation automatically. It won't matter if the user has the Caps Lock Key turned on or not. If you insert the text in all caps in the Text Type command, it will play back in all Caps whether you have the Caps Lock key on or off.

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From what you describe it sounds like you would be better off just turning on the two Caps Lock options in the Preferences./quote]



Thanks for the suggestion. However, there are several scheduled macros that run every one to three seconds to scan for the presence of specific Citrix-based application windows and specific Internet Explorer pages. (ME can't discriminate among the IE pages by window title, because they all have the same title: "Centricity Group Manager - Microsoft Internet Explorer".)


If I use the Caps Lock options in Preferences, and the user manually turns on Caps Lock to type additional information into a form, then the scheduled macros switch their caps lock off and back on every second. That's obviously not suitable; which is why I REALLY need to have Caps Lock Off work reliably.


I downloaded a small freeware utility that I can launch from ME to turn caps on and off. I'm testing that with the problem users now, but I fear that whatever causes the ME command to fail intermittently, may cause that to fail as well.

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