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getting rid of thumbs.db


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When processing a dir full of image files i keep running into the thumbs.db

file as part of the file list. im trying to get rid of it so i dont process it as anm image... with..


  Text Box Display: 
 If Variable %T1% = "C:\eaahmpg\work3\thumbs.db"
Text Box Display: 
 End If
 Switch (T1)
Case: C:\eaahmpg\work3\thumbs.db
  Text Box Display: 
  Delete File or Files: "%T1"
  Program Shut Down: "Jasc Paint Shop Pro"
End Case
End Switch


The 'if' works... but the CASE doesnt... hmmm.


Whats wrong with my case?? ive triede adding quotes, = .

but cant seeem top figure it out.

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For one thing, you're missing a %. This:
	Delete File or Files: "%T1"

should look like this:

	Delete File or Files: "%T1%"



yesw u r correct, and ill fix THAT. but my propblem is it wont

enter the CASE at all... and thats what is puzzleing me. But

thanks for sure.



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