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Can MEX Pro distinguish between several input devices?

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As i wanted to trigger some macros via pressing simply a key on a mouse i thought purchasing one of those Multikeymice like Razer Naga would be a good idea.


I read in the web that this one has 17 programable keys which sounded great to me. Actually those 12 extra keys are not really programable. The Numbers 0 to 9 and + - are assigned to those keys and you can´t change that. Via Addons its possible to attach special functions like you need them in WOW to those keys.


So if you have a macro activated with the hotkey "1" you can trigger it via mouseclick but it gets triggered by pressing "1" on the keyboard as well which of course you don´t want.


As the mouse is connected via an extra USB port to the pc i wonder if MEX Pro can distinguish between several input devices. That would be great. If not i wonder if it might be possible in the future as it would expand the ways of using/triggering macros gravely.


Thank you


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At the moment it's not possible. This is partly due to how Windows works. If you have two or more mice attached to your system (which I have done a few times in the past), there is no information as to which mouse is sending the movement and click events. As far as the user-level software is concerned, the events are simply messages being sent from the operating system. In fact, the only information sent is that an event occurred, what button (if any) was pressed and the coordinates where the event occurred. Keys are similar in that we get the key pressed and some information about the repeat delay, etc.


I'm not even sure if it's possible to distinguish between hardware devices at anything below the driver level.

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Small, but probably unhelpful update, the windows mouse drivers can't actually be used for those extra keys, most likely they are installing both a mouse driver for controlling the main 3 mouse buttons and wheel, then install a keyboard driver for the rest of the buttons.  This means that it counts as a second keyboard most likely, and if you knew how to read it you could program it, but this would require being able to hack driver code and such, beyond most mex programmers I think... Sorry.

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