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Diff Macros Depend on One Location

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In a nut shell: I'm using 5 macros that are dependent on one master document. The doc has 5 buttons that I must use, depending on my last position on the doc.


Please see If it was ease we would not need Macro Exoress


Please bear with me...this has been a difficult for me to try and figure out so its kinda hard to explain too. I have 5 macros that I am running. At the end of each Macro it needs to know where the mouse last was on a specific Web Page.


Each Macro I am running is based on the Text that it needs to capture. So as the macro runs through, at the end, I would like it to return to the Web Page, find the last position of the mouse when it was there last and move down 0,26 and click again and save that new location for the next Macro to find.


Does this make sense? The Click loads the page that we want to capture. After the page is loaded, based on the text we need to capture we will run 1 of the 5 Macros. After that Macro is done, we want it to return to that original web page, go to the last location of the mouse, go down (0,26), left click to load the new page for capturing, and based on what is loaded we will then decide which of the 5 Macros we need to run.


So all 5 Macros need to know which position to return to and move down (0,26). There are a total of 10 buttons for each page. We will manually switch the page and then we will set the position at the 1st button again.


Hope this makes sense.



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If the 5 macros are referring to one for name, one for street address etc, I covered that in my 2nd suggestion Dec 7th. You can get the lot (for one company) with one macro and one press of the "More Details" button.


Have you thought of emailing MBAonline to get the info straight from their database?



Could I suggest that you run through the two macros I detailed manually (ie no code, just doing it with keyboard and mouse). That will illustrate how the macros work before you try any code. For the second macro, don't try manipulating the page source with Text Variables, just edit the page source text directly, deleting text as I indicated so you can see the result.


In reality you would write the first macro "Get to details buttons" minus the mouse copy commands at the end.


You would write the second macro "Copy company info" as a separate macro called by the first, once the company info page loads - saves repeating the code if you opt for variations of the first macro (see below).


To choose the search subject, you would either have a separate macro for each item, Account Management etc, the only difference being the number of down arrows needed. Alternatively you could use radio buttons in a selection at the start of the macro, or stop the "Get to details buttons" macro at the subject list box so you can choose.

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