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Help with simple repeat macro, random timing


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I am new to all of this, so the solution probably is quite simply, but i cant find the right command.


What i want is a macro, that is activated by pressing a certain key.

It should then start an action, for example typing <anykey> and simply repeat this. So far this isnt much of a problem. I want to delay the repeat though, and not only by a certain time, but a randomly generated time within limits i set. e.g. repeat typing "hello" every 1-2 minutes.

i then want it to count +1 and stop at a certain number of counts ... this again probably isnt much of a problem.


so far i am stuck with generating the random delay though. Any help is greatly appreciated.


ps: mind my english, i am not a native speaker ;-)

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hello kevin,


im trying to press a key (f12). if tilte "save to" appears, then macro should be continue.


Variable Set Integer %N1& to 0

Repeat Until %N1%=1

delay 5 secounds

text type F12

Repeat End




after save to appears macro should be continue with commands (a programm is working, i dont know how long, if i press key f12 save to appears. so program is finished with working).

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