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ME Newbie question for prompts


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I am a newbie to ME and to scripting anything in general. I am a tech "geek", but scripting is foreign to me completly. I have been given ME to help streamline some basic things as a start and we will be using it more and more (hoepfully honing my inner geek to learning macro stuff as we go along).


The first thing I was tagged to do is to do this


Prompt for a machine name

Prompt for user name and password

opens a program

opens up system manager for that server prompted

opens up services .msc


In my research it looks feasible, but now I am stumped on how to get the prompting going and looking for any guidance.


Any help would be much appreciated. As I am going back to seeing if I can figure this out myself, but figure might as well ask since this great forum is out here :D

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Welcome to the forum and welcome to Macro Express.


The Variable Set String from Prompt allows you prompt the user for input. You may find the Variable Set from Misc command useful. It can return the name of the computer where the macro is running.


You may want to look at the simple macros found in samples.mex installed where the Macro Express program is installed (e.g. c:\Program Files\Macro Express3). The 'Repeat Until' macro demonstrates the use of the Variable Set String from Prompt command. The 'Get Miscellaneous Information' displays information about your computer, including the computer name.


You may want to copy samples.mex to a folder where you store your macros (perhaps your My Documents folder). Some versions of Windows prevent accessing files in the Program Files folders.


Use the Launch Program command to launch a program (on the same computer that is running Macro Express). You can also use this command to open something like 'services.msc' (again on the same computer running Macro Express).


To launch programs, including something like 'services.msc', on another program, have the macro perform the steps you do manually.

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