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Can't delete shortcuts


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I'm working in Windows 7.

I'm trying to delete some shortcuts using the Delete File command.

When I browse to the shortcut link it automatically thinks that I want to delete the actual file that the shortcut points to and not the shortcut itself.

So I went into the Delete File command and changed it to point to the shortcut using the .lnk extension.

Although it appears to point to that shortcut, when you run the macro it doesn't delete anything.

Is there a special trick to deleting shortcuts?

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Where are the shortcuts? Windows 7 makes it difficult to delete files it determines should be protected. Could this be what you are seeing?


No, these are shortcuts in the Start Menu (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs).

They can easily be deleted just by right clicking and selecting delete.

In fact, I have the macro set up now to do it that way and it works fine, but I was trying to use the delete file command instead.

You can recreate this issue by creating a blank text file and then create a shortcut to it. Try to get the delete file command to delete the shortcut, not the text file.

It doesn't work in XP either. Maybe I'm just not doing it the right way.

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