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Hi can You help with an array please ?

I have no idea how to write the syntax for array in macro express. I have a notepad file with 100 sorted names in it called list.txt (Adam, Ann, Amber, ...) All i need to do is type each name on the screen once. It should be like that :


Repeat 100 Times //i have 100 names


VARIABLE SET STRING set array to the contents of C:\\Documents and Settings\\Vortex\\Desktop\\list.txt //i need to fill the array from my list


variable set N to 1 //counter


Mouse move to


Mouse left click


Text type(Simulate keystrokes) array(N) // i need to write the first name on the list on the screen


variable set N to N+1 //i need to write the next name on the list


Delay 10 seconds


End repeat


Can Anyone write me the exact syntax for this program please ? Any help will be appreciated.

Thank You

Best regards


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