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User Data Entry Field (With Validation Option)

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Am I right that there is no way to create a data entry field into which you could type information that would be fed to the program? Neither are there any formatting or validation options for such fields? So far I've resorted to using multiple-choice menus, but this forces you to provide what can turn out to be a vast array of choices. For instance, one of my macros asks the user to enter a value between 0.10 and 0.95, in increments of .05 units, which yields a column of nearly 20 radio buttons. It would be more elegant to provide a data entry field with up/down arrows, with formatting and validation to prevent out of bounds data entry by the user. I actually wanted to allow a choice in increments of 0.01 but couldn't face creating more than 80 radio buttons. I am a recent adopter of Macro Pro and find it extremely impressive apart from what appear to be very limited menu creation options, compared to VB and VBA which I am quite familiar with. (Admittedly that is an unfair comparison.)

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Given your familiarity with VB, I'd recommend investigating using AutoIt.

- Its capabilities exceed VB Script

- It interfaces well with MEP

- There is a free forms package addin that you can use to design very elegant screens

- It's free!

- It's still being developed

- There are some very powerful "extensions" written in AutoIt (User Functions)

- If you're interested in handling web pages properly and pretty well error-free, there's an Internet Explorer set of functionality beyond anything I've seen elsewhere


Some of us now take the view that AutoIt is the tool of choice for all the "heavy lifting" that MEP is unable to accomplish.



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Hi again Paul,


Judging from their website, AutoIt is very interesting, especially as an alternative to Macro Pro for additional data handling, conditional branching and user menu complexity. I was actually beginning to lean toward returning to VB (which I haven't coded in several years) but now I will check it out AutoIt first. Thanks for the advice!

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