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Hello All,


I would like to build a script or scripts to accomplish the following. I have to build a script(s) to login to our medical software, open an Excel spreadsheet with specific data, then copy and paste data from spreadsheet to Medical software routine several times, then logout of the software and close the spreadsheet. I would like to run this script(s) twice daily. Can I do this using the Capture routine in Macro Express 3.8a? Should I build more than one script to do this (i.e. build the login/logout script then build the looping script for the routine)?


For example


1. Double click to open Excel Spreadsheet with data on desktop.

2. Login to Medical software from desktop.

3. Go to specific routine

4. Copy and paste data from spreadsheet to Medical Software routine that will loop many times until finished(i.e. at least 15 times)

5. Logout of Medical software.

6. Close Spreadsheet.



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You should be able to use the capture feature to create a macro to log into the system. Most captured macros work better if they are later optimized. It is not possible to use the capture feature to create a loop within a macro. Use the Script Editor to do that.


It often is a good idea to divide distinct tasks into separate macros such as logging on and/or performing multiple copy and paste actions. Use the Macro Run command to call one macro from another.


You can change the activation of a macro to Scheduled to have it run automatically twice a day.

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