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<COMMENT Value="Set Tab"/>
<VARIABLE SET TO ASCII CHAR Value="9" Destination="%T[94]%"/>
<VARIABLE SET TO ASCII CHAR Value="13" Destination="%T[95]%"/>
<VARIABLE SET TO ASCII CHAR Value="10" Destination="%T[96]%"/>
<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%T[95]%" Value="%T[95]%%T[96]%" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/>
<DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="1.25"/>
<TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<CTRLD>c<CTRLU>"/>
<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x02" Destination="%OutlookListClickCopy1%"/>
<CLIPBOARD SAVE TEXT Filename="C:\\Documents and Settings\\pgennarelli\\Desktop\\OutlooktoClipboardText-Refresh.txt" Prompt="FALSE"/>
<DELAY Flags="\x02" Time="500"/>
<TEXT FILE BEGIN PROCESS Filename="C:\\Documents and Settings\\pgennarelli\\Desktop\\OutlooktoClipboardText-Refresh.txt" Start_Record="2" Process_All="FALSE" Records="1" Variable="%OutlookListClickCopy1%"/>
<SPLIT STRING Source="%OutlookListClickCopy1%" SplitChar="%T[94]%" Dest="%T%" Index="1"/>



The DEBUG-SHOW VALUES will not show Line #9 in the Debug Show Variable Value Screen. I get so tired of this program sometimes. Enough to throw it against the wall. Why will this not show on the debug screen?

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Also, if you don't use the Test Run, Step Over and Step into, you'll never get to see the variables in the Show Variable Value Screen.


If I am using, for example, a mouse click Activation, there is no way to see if the variables are working right. It won't show in the Show Variable Value Screen unless one uses Test Run.


But then how can you use Test Run when the click has to be in a certain area of the screen? I know, put it in the script.




The macro above had a mouse click in it's original script, but for some unknown reason, when I click on the Microsoft Inbox SUPERGRID listbox, it clicks it twice not once(using the TEST RUN). Normally, when I click on the Outlook Listbox Control, it gets highlighted, but the Macro Command left mouse click actually opens the email not highlight it/CTRL+C which means it is double clicking it during testing. What?


This program was released way too early and not enough time was taken to test this thing out.


Insight should have an additional feature when testing that an invisible mouse pointer clicks the specific area without using the real mouse. in fact, it should be available as a feature in MEP itself



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