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[SOLVED] Use Registry keys in sub-macro


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I'm Using MACRO RUN to call a SUB MACRO while passing parameters through a registry key + SAVE & restore vars...


<VARSR:01><REGRSTR:1:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express\Miscellaneous\T1>


...then here some lines of sub macro programs...


<REGWSTR:2:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express\Miscellaneous\T2><VARSR:05>


If input is larger than 16K characters, the message is coming:

" ONlY THE FIRST 16K characters where written to the registry "


In this programming way, Is there any way to overpass the 16k limitation ?

I know I could use a temp.txt file instead of registry but it would probably loose qui some running time...


Or , is there another good & fast way to load a sub macro while passing parameters safely ( with SAve & restore all vars ) ?


Thanks in advance.



I also have to say that the input T1 is quite long

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