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Copy Text from a file and Type in another file

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I have 2 excel files.


I want to copy all the data from 1 excel to another excel.


Criteria.: -


In second excel one of the cell we have wherein we can only type the numericals we cannot paste the data copied from the first excel.


so, I want to set a macro where the numbers get changed in serial manner as macro repeats itself each time.


Like in ROW 1: I got the number 89 than when macro repeats in 2 ROW the number has to be changed to 90.

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Any think close to a date in appearance should formate to date automatically. I tried 2-2-40 and it came up as a date 2/2/40. Also 5-23 will be a date. It's was typed in as 5-23. It shows 23-May in the cell and on the edit line it's 5/23/2011. I would think the date transfer would not be a problem. As far as the First cell doing a incremental increase from previous cell it's +a1+1 assuming you type it into b1.


From here is is a ME from one sheet to the other. Delay is important when dealing with Excel. I have an extensive transfer of data in a previous topic, amerifax.


Split City State and Zip Based on Comma



I create variables of the text I'm adding to Excel. I'm told there is a better way which I'm open to but lack the knowledge.


I'm here if more help needed.


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