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Mouse Button Click Activation 4th Mouse Button


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I bought a Logitech Mediaplay mouse which has 2 extra buttons on the side, plus 6 other buttons on top for a total of 11 mouse buttons! The problem is the software is limited and in some cases just plain doesn't work for re-mapping these buttons to different keys etc. I have tried installing mouse software from kensington, microsoft, compaq, and older logitech versions. Most won't even install when they see it's not their mouse and other just don't work. I know in macro express you can assign functions to the third button, but what about the others? 4th and 5th mouse buttons are becoming quite common. Is there any way to get macro express to recognize these button clicks? Or does anyone know of mouse software that can be subsituted for the Logitech mouseware?

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Macro Express does not recognize the extra mouse buttons. However, if, using the manufacturer's software, you can program the buttons to output a hotkey, you could then write a macro to perform other functions.


Try programming one of the mouse buttons to type Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M and then write a macro with an activation of Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M.

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