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Upgrading From Win98 To Win2k Macro's Wont Work


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We have been running macro express with success for a number of years, our computers run Win98, and we are upgrading to windows 2000, we have tested on a new windows 2000 pc by installing the s/ware and importing our existing macro's from the win98 pc. we are running as administrator but non of our existing macro's will work on the win2k machine, although sample macro's provided with the software work fine...


Can u help...?

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Here are a few things to check:


Do your macros have the Scope property set? It is possible that w2k has changed the window titles slightly and that may affect any Window Specific scope settings.


Are you using Window Controls as activations or within your macros? The Window Controls are usually diffferent between versions of Windows and will need to be recaptured.


Do your macros test for the version of Windows that is running? Some macros are written to only work on a specific version of Windows.


Has the Macro Express license been entered properly? You should log on as an administrator to enter the Macro Express license.


Have you switched to a Windows Terminal Services / Citrix environment? Some special considerations need to be made when writing macros for WTS/Citrix.


What is and is not working? Is the macro being activated? When I have a macro that does not work, the first thing I do is put either a Sound Wave File or Text Box Display at the top of the macro. Then I can tell if the macro is being activated or not. If it is, then I can adjust the macro. If not, then I can check the scope, etc.

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