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Moving Files To Cd Sized Sub Directories


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I've been working on a macro to put all ZIP and RAR files from a chosen directory into newly created subdirectories of a max size.


However, my variables %N5% and %N6% are always zero (these represent file size and directory size)


Can anyone help me out I wonder?


There are 2 prompts at the beginning, a Root folder selection to look for ZIP and RAR files, and a max size for each subdirectory before another one is created.





Here is the macro...


<REM2:Choose a root folder><TVAR2:01:10:Choose Directory to Archive><REM2:><REM2:N8 is the max size for a directory><IVAR2:08:02:FHow many Megabytes? (Standard DVD = 4600)FFCenter:Center><NMVAR:03:08:1:0000008:2:1024000><REM2:><REM2: Each file in chosen folder is assigned to the variable T2 in turn><REM2:><IVAR2:01:01:1><REP3:07:000001:000001:0002:0:01:%T1%><REM2:Create a folder called 1 then 2 then 3 etc><IFOTH:10:1:%T1%\%N1%><DOFILE:02:NN:%T1%\%N1%>><ENDIF><REM2:--><REM2:N5 is file size><REM2: N6 is sub directory size><REM2:><VFFILE:1:F:1:F:1:F:1:T:3:%T2%><IFVAR2:1:03:1:T.ZIP><OR><IFVAR2:1:03:1:T.rar><REM2:><IVAR2:05:05:%T2%><REM2:><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:%N5% = file size

%N6% = folder size><NMVAR:01:06:1:0000006:1:0000005><REM2: If the file would take the sub directory above the DVD/CD size then break><IFVAR2:5:06:4:N8><NMVAR:08:01:0:0000001:0:0000000><ELSE><DOFILE:07:NN:%T2%>%T1%\%N1%><ENDIF><ENDIF><ENDREP>

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