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I have a lot of files in a few junk directories which I'd like to reorganise. I have RSI so cutting any keystrokes is a real bonus.


Basically I want to create 5 new subdirectories, and then prompt the user (me!) with each filename and the user then types 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 to move it to that sub-directory


I'd like to launch this from an windows explorer window and process files from that 'root' location.


So far I have a repeat with folder to get each filename into %T2%, then I've created a separtate move macro for each of the 5 locations. The user is prompted with a pop up menu for each file, but this doesn't include the filename. Also I need to put a pause in to stop all the pop up menus appearing at once. There are far too many key presses required by this stage.


Macros are here...


From a Windows Explorer window we run this with a HotKey. It gets the path by copying from the address bar which is a bit clunky!


<TEXTTYPE:<ALT>D><DELAY:.5><CLIPC><TVAR2:01:03:><DOFILE:01:NN:%T1%>><DOFILE:02:NN:00 AUDIO>><DOFILE:02:NN:01 PROGRAMMING>><DOFILE:02:NN:02 UTILITIES>><DOFILE:02:NN:03 MP3>><DOFILE:02:NN:04 GAMES>><DOFILE:02:NN:05 MUSIC INSTRUCTION>><REP3:07:000002:000001:0002:0:01:%T1%><PAUSE3:T><MACRUN2:Move files><ENDREP>




The other items are in the attached file.


Is there a more elegant way?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Randall,


I started with that command but it's a bit long-winded, I wanted to launch the macro when I'm browsing my hard drive and come across a folder that's in a mess - a shame to be in a place then have to navigate to it again in that little window.




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