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Entering Field Values In Browser


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Need some advice. I'm trying to automate some login tasks on websites. These usually require me to enter my id and pw.


I notice that these 2 fields usually "move" about the screen depending on the size of the advert banner on top of these 2 login fields.


I tried using Ctrl-F to look for the "User" text in the browser before doing a tab in order to ensure the cursor is in the user field before entering my username BUT I notice my macro does not "push" the "User" word in the pop-up "Find" window.


Basically I did a TextType Ctrl-F ; pause 1 sec and then TextType User but MacroExpress just refuse to type in the text in the Find window.


Is it because the Find window is another window altogether? Is there anyway to make ME search for the word User before I do a tab to key in the username?


Or for that matter, anyone know of a better way to use ME to do this auto-login (short of getting Roboform or other form-filling software!!) on websites?

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Yes, it is harder than you'd think;

IF your web site is OK and "Wait for Web page" is accurate (not always so), then I think my macro works (not always) [messed up if there are still adds loading with a slow connection, for instance];


<ACTIVATE2:Internet Explorer><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Internet Explorer><TVAR2:02:01:New><TMVAR2:19:02:00:000:000:FindText><MACRUN2:{_FindText}><TEXTTYPE:<TAB><TAB><TAB>><IMSD:100><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>>
Activate Window: "Internet Explorer"

Wait For Window Title: "Internet Explorer"

Variable Set String %T2% "New"

Variable Modify String: Save %T2% to Environment Variable

Macro Run: {_FindText}

Text Type: <TAB><TAB><TAB>

Delay 100 Milliseconds

Text Type: <ENTER>

*** Edit the above macro for "New" [user?] and number of tabs after text selected to get to your field)

{_FindText} macro as attached - import it and {_StatusBarProgress} (in other "NEW" site - see my signature) into your macro library

Best, Randall

PS Let me know! -OR

[2. Try PGMacros passwords function addon - Joe

3. Try my "Wizard" function for passwords -- se "DallasWIZ exampe from my signatire WbLogin]


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